Free GliceCare™
Free GliceCare™
Free GliceCare™

Free GliceCare™

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GliceCareis the result of extensive research in our Swiss laboratory. It is designed to condition the surface for optimal skating performance and protects the surface from the effects of ultraviolet light and temperature changes.

✔️ Maintains proper skating surface moisture

✔️ Accelerates release of embedded lubricants

✔️ Enhances skating performance and glide

When to use GliceCare :

GliceCare  needs to be applied regularly and always after a cleaning. If the rink surface feels dry to the touch and abrasive, a GliceCare  treatment is needed. The application of GliceCare  varies depending on the rink’s usage, environment, and UV light exposure. For home rinks, we recommend applying a thin layer using a spray mop from Home Depot every 1-2 months.

A 1L bottle of GliceCare and rubber mallet for assembly are included for free on orders over $2000USD.

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