Glice Products

We sell two different types of panels: Glice Home (10mm thick) and Glice Commercial Grade (13mm thick). Our Glice Home panels are optimally sized to fit any area of your home up to 50m^2. Each Glice Home panel measures 60cm long x 60cm wide x 10mm thick and weighs 2.7kg. Our Glice Commercial grade panels (13mm thick), designed for rinks up to 100m^2, are 196.5cm long x 982.5cm wide x 13mm thick and weighs 23kg.

For home rinks or commercial projects above 100m^2, we offer a wide range of synthetic ice products and accessories (dasher boards, skating aids, skate sharpeners, etc...). Kindly contact us for more information. 

Depending on the usage, location and level of maintenance, the life-span of the product is signicant. Our Glice Home (10mm) come with a 10 year lifespan and a 5 year warranty, while our Glice Commercial Grade (13mm) panels have a 12 years lifespan and we provide a 6 year warranty. It's important to keep in mind that all Glice sheets are reversible which can significantly extend the life-span.

When we started Glice 16 years ago, we had to make a choice between building our rink as cheaply as possible or build quality into the rinks for service, durability and your long lasting enjoyment. We decided that it would be easier to explain our price one time than it would be to apologize for quality forever.

We spent the first 8 years refining and developing our material formula and manufacturing process to far out perform every other synthetic ice manufacturer. With our unique Glice formula, extremely high grade materials and highly precise, slow european manufacturing process, we are able to offer the most consistent and best skating performance along with the longest durability in the industry. This relentless focus on quality, life-span and performance is why Glice is priced as a premium product in the synthetic ice industry. 

With every rink purchase above 2000 euros, we included a complementary 1 liter bottle of Glice Care, our proprietary cleaning and maintenance solution. 

Yes, the same conventional ice skates (both hockey and figure) are used on Glice.

Yes, Glice can be installed outdoors and in any climate. We recommend covering your outdoor rink with a tarp when it’s not in use. This will help you keep your Glice® surface clean and reduces cleaning cycles.

Rain or snow does not damage the Glice surface and neither does water decrease its functionality. When it snows, just remove the snow and the skating can continue. Snow or big puddles of water can be swiped off with a mop and ice layers on the rink can be removed with a snow shovel or with a power washer with hot water.

No. Due to a very specialized fabrication process, our panels are auto-lubricating and offer an excellent balance of glide and grip and overall skating experience. Depending on how often your rink is used, you can apply Glice Care on the surface to nourish your Glice.

The beauty of Glice synthetic ice is that its maintenance is really simple. While maintenance is straight forward, it must be performed regularly to ensure a great skating experience and impeccable looks of your Glice surface. Here’s what we recommend:

Indoor (Low Use):

Weekly – Vacuum cleaning
Monthly – Floor scrubbing
Yearly – Pressure washer

Indoor (Heavy Use):

Daily – Vacuum cleaning
Biweekly – Floor scrubbing
Quarterly - Pressure washer

Outdoor (Low Use):

Daily – Vacuum cleaning
Weekly – Floor scrubbing
Quarterly –Pressure washer

Outdoor (Heavy Use):

Daily – Vacuum cleaning (2x)
Weekly – Floor scrubbing
Monthly – Pressure washer

In general outdoor installations get dirty a bit more quickly since they are more exposed to particles. We therefore recommend covering all outdoor installations with a tarp when they are not in use. This will help you to get the most out of your Glice surface.

For more detailed information on maintenance please refer to our Glice Installation, Maintenance and Operation Guide, provided to you upon contacting Glice.

There is no need to worry about scratches. These marks will affect neither functionality nor skating experience. Glice is a material of very high density and the scratches occur only superficially, so they never go deep into the surface. Therefore resurfacing is not necessary. Furthermore, Glice embedded internal lubricant is consistent throughout the whole sheet which ensures there is no degradation of skating performance throughout the lifetime of the product, even when scratched.

No! One of the great things about Glice panels is that you can use them on both sides - they are fully reversible! This can essentially double the lifespan of your rink. 


We ship to all continental European countries from our online store. These countries include: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden. However, given the worldwide presence (over 90+ countries to date) of Glice, we can ship just about anywhere! Please email help@glice.com to inquire about your rink.

Orders from online store ship from one of our warehouses located in Sevilla, Spain.

Most home rinks orders are shipped on purpose built pallets using transport trucks. Your order will be removed from the truck by a driver and dropped off in your driveway or garage. You can then move each panel or box to the desired location in your home.

Please allow 7 to 14 business days for delivery of your Glice products. You will receive an email with the shipping tracking details once your order has been dispatched. If you have an urgent need, kindly email help@glice.com and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Warranty and returns

Glice Home (10mm) panels come with a 5 year warranty and Glice Commercial Grade (13mm) come with a 6 year warranty against manufacturing defects. In the unlikely situation that are warranty claim is submitted, Glice will conduct an examination or investigations into the defective product(s). Should the investigation lead to upholding buyer’s claim, Glice shall be entitled to either repair and resend the corrected products, or to replace the defective products with delivery of non-defective oroducts. Likewise, Glive shall compensate the buyer for any reasonable shipping costs arising out of the shipment of the defective products.

We want you to love your Glice products. But if you’re having second thoughts, we’re happy to troubleshoot with you or assist with a return within our policy rules.

Return Policy:

-Products are eligible for returns only when authorized in advance by Glice. 

-A Return Authorization Request must be submitted to help@glice.com by the original buyer within 30 days of receiving the product(s).

-Only new or lightly used products are available for return. Original shipping costs to receive the products are not refundable and return shipping costs are at the buyers expense. 

-Glice will provide return shipping labels and will deduct the return shipping cost when issuing your refund.

-Refunds are issued with 5 business days of receiving and inspecting the goods. Please allow 5 to 10 business days for the refund to appear on your original payment method.

Please contact us for support or to submit a Return Authorization Request. 

*Do not ship products back to our warehouse without consent from Glice.