Glice Care 2.0 Deep Cleaning Solution
Glice Eco Clean™
Glice Eco Clean™

Glice Eco Clean™

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Glice Eco Clean™ is our deep cleaning solution to maintain a clean white look and optimal gliding performance of your skating surface. This specially designed solution is made from natural products to minimize environmental impacts.

Unlike regular soaps which can increase friction, Glice Eco Clean™ has the same polarity as the Glice polymer that allows for deep penetration and cleaning. Glice Eco Clean™ reestablishes the Glice molecular surface structure that enhances glide properties while protecting the surface from stains and abrasion.

✔️ Deep-cleans the Glice ultra-white surface

✔️ Conditions surface for optimal skating

✔️ Protects against stains and abrasion

When to use Glice Eco Clean™:

A Glice rink needs regular cleaning. If the rink surface is not white or appears to be streaked or discolored, a Glice Eco Clean™ treatment is recommended.

Always follow a Glice Eco Clean™ treatment with GliceCare™. It is important Glice Eco Clean™ is washed off before GliceCare™ is applied.

We recommend diluting 5% Glice Eco Clean™ with water and scrubbing with a sponge mop for the best result. 

For most home rinks, we recommend a deep cleaning with Glice Eco Clean™ every 1-3 months depending on the usage and environment. For commercial rinks, please refer to the instructions provided in the Glice Manual.

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